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You have goals for your money, but market dynamics are evolving, creating new ways to potentially improve your outcomes. What is your advisor doing about it?

What has changed in the markets in the past 10 years?

First, we saw a big shift from mutual funds and single stocks into ETFs.  In recent years, we now see even a larger shift into ETF based model portfolios. As a result, the importance of monitoring ETFs, analyzing models and year-round tax management, and risk protection may be of even of greater importance. 

Active management has been largely replaced by the use of low-cost, tax efficient, passive investment products such as index-tracking ETFs.
Technology solutions have emerged that help advisors build and implement enhanced investment portfolios including capabilities, such as active tax management for all of their clients.
The Impact
of 55ip Active Tax Management in $1m Portfolio
Don’t leave money on the table that could keep working for your portfolio.
10 Year Estimate Wealth…
$1,840,450 Without Active Tax Management
$1,985,613 With Active Tax Management
$145,163 Difference in wealth creation

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