Analytics & Proposals

Diagnose and Compare

Pull in prospects and transition clients confidently to your strategies.

When you upload a portfolio to the investment strategy engine you can diagnose an existing portfolio’s underlying fund fees, tax burden, and susceptibility to volatility and compare it to your portfolio powered by 55ip.

Generate a proposal that facilitates a consultative discussion of opportunities that may improve portfolio growth by illustrating and summarizing the potential savings and long-term impact on the portfolio.


  • Which funds are contributing most to high fees
  • Which funds can be replaced at lower cost while maintaining exposure
  • Difference in fees over time and the potential benefit on client outcomes


  • Potential tax benefits across different market environments
  • Potential improvement in portfolio value with active tax management over time


  • Annualized volatility
  • Potential performance during historical market drawdowns
Sachin Shah Chief Operating Officer, 55ip

“Showing a client a proposed strategy so that they clearly understand objectives and potential benefits demands compelling metrics and personalization in a user-friendly format. Automation is needed to do this at scale and grow your practice.”