Combine the power of BlackRock model portfolios and 55ip’s sophisticated ActiveTax Technology® to deliver tax-smart transition, management, and withdrawals at scale with no additional overlay fees.
Our partnership with
Our platform allows advisors to seamlessly select a BlackRock model and couple it with 55ip’s tax-smart technology. Through this partnership, advisors provide clients with a tax-smart transition into the model over time. 55ip provides ongoing, automated trading and tax-smart management to get clients to the right portfolio by making the move to models less taxing.
Access BlackRock Model Portfolio suite with the ability to implement with sub-advised or tradelist delivery agreement
Tax-efficient transition and ongoing tax management
Easy to understand proposals and reports to illustrate potential tax alpha benefits

Delivering for clients while streamlining your day-to-day.


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  • Trading/Operations
  • Custodian

How do I get started?

  • Access our platform to create a log-in
  • After registration, sign the sub-advisory or trade-list delivery agreement between you and 55-ip via DocuSign from the portal
  • Submit the Request of Information (ROI) to your custodian to get all your account holdings data flowing through the portal so you can run analysis without uploading files manually
  • Contact The 55ip Onboarding Team with any questions (

Is this only for my taxable accounts?

Nope, this is a one-stop offering! 55ip can work across your full client base to automate trading/rebalancing for your qualified accounts, as well as your non-qualified accounts.

What’s included in the offering?

  • Advisor-facing 55ip platform to access the BlackRock ETF Model suite
  • Automated tax-transition management to easily move clients into BlackRock ETF Models
  • Automated tax-loss harvesting at scale across your non-qualified client accounts
  • Automated trading functionality for all your accounts (if you sign sub-advisory with 55ip). For Trade List delivery agreement, 55ip provides trade lists, advisor is responsible for executing the trades

When are trade requests processed?

All trade requests will be processed the following business day.

Do you have account minimums?

Yes. The account minimums for taxable accounts is $50,000. 

How do I integrate 55ip with my custodian(s)?

You can submit a Request for Information (ROI) request. Please contact our Onboarding Team with any questions (

Do you work with all major custodians?

For BlackRock models, we currently allow RIA firms that custody their assets with TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity. 

How do I access other 55ip services on the platform?

Please reach out to our sales team for further details (

Who will have access?

  • Initially it is available to all RIAs that custody at Schwab, TD Ameritrade, or Fidelity. In 2020 we expect to broaden the list of custodians as well as access across other channels
  • The offering is only available to Financial Professionals – direct investors are not able to access this offering

What BlackRock models are offered?

  • Target Allocation ETF
  • Target Allocation Tax-Aware ETF
  • Target Allocation Multi-Manager ETF
  • Target Allocation ESG ETF
  • Target Allocation Smart Beta ETF
  • Multi-Asset Income Multi-Manager MF/ETF

How do I request withdrawals?

Please email withdrawal requests to

Is there a fee to access the models?

No. The RIA will not be charged a fee to access the models on 55ip’s platform. 55ip receives a service fee from BlackRock for the services 55ip provides its customers with respect to the models.

55 Institutional Partners, LLC and its affiliates  (“55ip”) is a registered investment adviser that offers access to the third-party strategies provided herein in addition to other services.  BlackRock Fund Advisors (collectively with its affiliates, “BlackRock”) provides investment ideas in the form of model portfolios, to 55ip for use in the software offered herein. 55ip receives a service fee from BlackRock as consideration for the services 55ip provides its customers in relation to the BlackRock Model Portfolios. The BlackRock Model Portfolios are provided for illustrative and educational purposes only, do not constitute research, personalized investment advice or a fiduciary investment recommendation from BlackRock or 55ip to any client of 55ip, and are intended for use only by 55ip customers, with other  information, as a resource to help build a tailored portfolio or as an input in the development of investment advice from a Financial Advisor to its own clients and shall not be the sole or primary basis for a Financial Advisor. Financial Advisors are responsible for making their own independent fiduciary judgment as to how to specifically use the BlackRock Model Portfolios and/or whether to implement any trades for its designated clients. BlackRock does not have investment discretion over, or place trade orders for, any portfolios or accounts derived the BlackRock Model Portfolios. BlackRock is responsible for the methodology of the Model Portfolios; it is not responsible for determining the individual appropriateness or suitability of the BlackRock Model Portfolios or any of the securities included therein for any client of 55ip. Information and other marketing materials provided by BlackRock or 55ip concerning the BlackRock Model Portfolios including holdings, performance, and other characteristics – may vary materially from any portfolios or accounts derived from the BlackRock Model Portfolios. Any performance shown for the BlackRock Model portfolios does not include brokerage fees, commissions, or any overlay fee for portfolio management, which would further reduce returns. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful or achieve any particular level of results. The BlackRock Model Portfolios themselves are illustrative, they are not funds and one cannot invest directly in the Model Portfolios. The BlackRock Model Portfolios, allocations, and data are subject to change.BlackRock and 55ip are not affiliated. BlackRock disclaims responsibility for any content provided by 55ip.

Carefully consider the BlackRock and iShares Funds within the model portfolios’ investment objectives, risk factors, and charges and expenses before investing. This and other information can be found in the Funds’ prospectuses or, if available, the summary prospectuses which may be obtained by visiting or Read the prospectus carefully before investing.
Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Asset allocation and diversification may not protect against market risk, loss of principal or volatility of returns.

Transactions in shares of ETFs may result in brokerage commissions and will generate tax consequences. All regulated investment companies are obliged to distribute portfolio gains to shareholders.  
The BlackRock and iShares Funds within the model portfolios are distributed by BlackRock Investments, LLC (together with its affiliates, “BlackRock”). BlackRock Fund Advisors, an affiliate of BlackRock Investments, LLC is a registered investment adviser.
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