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Using model portfolios is a great way to scale your practice, but client-specific customization and implementation can be difficult and time-consuming. Whether you are starting with your own models, a third-party model, or designing them from scratch, 55ip will help you develop your own menu of investment strategies. Plus, the 55ip platform allows you to make client-level adjustments with ease, so you can deliver the personalized investment management your clients demand, while enhancing your ability to scale your business.

Once your strategies are built, 55ip’s intelligent automation unburdens you of such time-consuming processes as account-level monitoring, tax-smart portfolio transition, rebalancing, and trading. You retain control of the investments; we take care of everything else.

Creating a Model-Based Practice

Deploying a consistent investment process across your practice is a sure-fire way to deliver on client expectations. The right set of investment models can deliver scale and efficiency for your practice, while allowing you to retain control of the decisions that will make a difference for your clients. There are three ways to approach this – turn the process over to a third-party entirely, build & implement your own custom solutions; OR combine the two by co-sourcing with 55ip.

Co-sourcing Options


  • Leverage 3rd party asset allocation models and supporting investment narrative
  • Rebalance based on model provider’s updates
  • Control fund selection in high conviction areas by replacing certain tickers with alternative sponsors without changing exposures


  • Retain ownership of investment process while outsourcing the core investment decisions and implementation
  • Deliver tax-smart trading to mitigate the impact of model changes
  • Deliver consistent client experience across clients & households


  • Leverage index-based asset allocation as starting points for customization
  • Rebalancing schedule follows frequency that works best for your practice
  • Open architecture fund selection across ETFs from all sponsors


  • Drive the investment design while automating the implementation
  • Deliver a unique, yet scalable client experience across clients & households
  • Create custom model themes (income, growth, ESG, Smart Beta)

Account Level Solutions

Growth comes with more clients, accounts and assets, but for too long this required taking on more work and building, maintaining and implementing one-off portfolio models to meet client needs. 55ip’s intelligent automation introduces a far simpler solution by allowing you to scale your portfolio management without giving up the value of customization.


Model monitoring and trading

Portfolio monitoringAccount-level rebalancing
Seamless integrations with major custodiansCash management

Tax-smart model services

Portfolio transitionSystemic tax-loss harvesting
Tax-smart withdrawalTax savings reporting

Practice management support

Dedicated advisor success managerTraining, marketing and end-client support
Portfolio management and research resourcesTailored solutions

Additional platform services

HouseholdingTax managed index strategies
Risk focused rebalancing overlaysPlatform oversight capabilities

Fees dependent on asset commitments, customization level and 3rd-party sponsor agreements.

Important Information
55ip is the marketing name used by 55 Institutional Partners, LLC, an investment technology developer, and for investment advisory services provided by 55I, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. Such registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

These materials are intended for Registered Investment Advisors only and describe various risk and tax management strategies that may not work as intended, in part because the strategies may be modified only on specified cycles. Risk management strategies cannot be counted on to provide protection to client portfolios. Even when using the strategy, portfolios remain subject to multiple risks, including the risk of loss of the entire amount invested. The impact of a tax-loss harvesting strategy depends upon a variety of conditions, including the actual gains and losses incurred on holdings and future tax rates. These services are available for an additional advisory fee.

Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results and there can be no assurance that any return objectives will be met. No representation is made that any investor will, or is likely to, achieve the intended results. All investments involve risk, including loss of principal.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice, is not complete and does not contain certain material information about the investment strategy, including additional important disclosures and risk factors associated with such investment and information about fees, trading costs and taxes. Neither the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities administrator has approved or disapproved, passed on, or endorsed, the merits of this document. 55ip does not provide legal or tax advice. The information herein is general and educational in nature and should not be considered legal or tax advice.

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