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How simple is the platform to navigate and execute my specific needs?

Our product team created an elegant and simple workflow with the objective of giving you back time to focus on your clients and practice. With a minimal amount of screens and clicks, you are able to holistically analyze your client’s account, generate proposals, and submit accounts for implementation and management.

Can I bring my current strategies into your platform?

Yes- you will have your own model shelf from which you can select your models and assign to client accounts.

55ip’s research team is also available to collaborate with you to build your custom strategies.

How customizable is your platform?

55ip’s digital platform is yours and can be customized and branded to suit your practice objectives.   

How does 55ip fit in with my current technology stack?

Great news here, it’s super simple and without the need for additional integration. You can use our digital platform and leverage our integrations to build or select a model, assign to an account, and submit it. We do all the rest.

What is your platform and what do I use it for?

We are an investment strategy engine that empowers advisors to deliver custom, automated, and intelligent portfolios for their clients. You can easily upload a client or prospect portfolio, diagnose areas of improvements, run proposals, and implement such changes to improve your client outcomes. 

Do I need to inform my clients that I use you for portfolio management?

55ip helps you deliver YOUR portfolios. To accomplish this, we can act in two different capacities: use our capabilities to generate and deliver a trade list for the advisor, or we can act as a sub-advisor, for which an advisor needs to inform clients that they are leveraging our technology to implement their strategies. In both capacities, you can use our platform and team as an extension of your practice.

How do you help me with portfolio management?

55ip’s portfolio management team and digital platform can help you design and build your own custom strategies while still allowing you to retain control or outsource major aspects of the portfolio management process: investment selection, asset allocation, portfolio construction, tax management and trading.

Can I customize my strategies?

Yes, one of 55ip’s core missions is to enable advisory firms to deliver custom, automated, and intelligent investment strategies 

Which custodians you are connected with?

We are connected with Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Raymond James, and Pershing.

How do trades get executed?

As a sub-advisor, we provide full service trading and rebalancing for all accounts that we manage. As strategy allocations shift over time, we handle all rebalancing, trading, and settlement activity.

If you instead choose trade list delivery, we do the work of automated trade generation and make the execution quick and easy for you through your custodian connections.

Can I customize each account-set restrictions, etc.?

Yes, each account can be customized with specific restrictions. For example, advisors can set a required cash minimum at the account level or restrict securities in the account.

Do you have No Transaction Fees strategies?

Yes, our fund selection Algorithm can help you build strategies from the entire ETF universe or any custodians no-transaction fee list.

Do my accounts incur trading cost?

Our fund selection algorithm prioritizes each custodian’s no-transaction fee list first. If the exposure is not available on the NTF list, we seek out the most efficient ETF available and accounts will be charged based on their individual commission schedules.