Automated Tax Management & Trading

Helping You Work Smarter Without Working Harder

What is the difference between “automation” and 55ip’s “intelligent automation”? When your strategies are powered by 55ip, they benefit from sophisticated capabilities that aren’t just automating processes that save you critical time. Your portfolios are also benefiting from sophisticated algorithms that actively seek to reduce inefficiencies and take advantage of opportunities to lower taxes at each stage of the investment process

Fund Selection

  • Use fund selection Algorithms to optimize the building blocks of a portfolio from a custom universe

Asset Allocation

  • Leverage the digital platform to design the asset allocation based on the client’s intended exposures, asset classes, sectors, regions, and countries

Tax Management

  • Algorithms for Tax-loss Harvesting
  • Algorithms for Tax-aware Transition
  • Algorithms for Tax- aware Withdrawals


  • Algorithms for trade generation and execution
Swati Bairathi Chief Product Officer, 55ip

“There is so much data flowing through the investment management world. Developing algorithms that harness that data and automate smarter investment strategies is a huge win for advisors and clients.”